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St Claude bike lane

The city plans to add a bike lane to St. Claude Ave from the parish line to Elysian Fields.

Times-Pic article here.

Jul. 20th, 2007

Just wanted to stop in and say hello... I just moved to N. Rampart and Port, from Baton Rouge. This is not my first time living in NOLA, but it's been a few years and in the past I lived Lakefront, then later in Metairie. I'm happy to be back, and looking forward to getting to know this area well enough to call it home. So far, I love it to pieces.

Although there are more roaches on the street at night than I think I can deal with! :)

That's all for me. Just saying hi.



we're wondering if anyone can point us in the direction of a few things. we'll be arriving in bywater on or around the 9th, and have just sold virtually everything we own. which means we'll have no furniture at all. it's going to be interesting to think what the neighbors are going to think of the new people moving in with two dogs, two guitars, a saucepan, a plate, cup, fork and spoon each, and a suitcase :) (and a pressure cooker for bobby). so if anyone can head us toward someplace we could get at least beds for cheap, that'd be amazing. and also a bank! since our bank doesnt have a branch there, we'll need something local and are looking for recommendations. if anyone's got ideas, thanks! if not, that's cool too.

13 days

train wreck

The train that passes between the Marigny and the Bywater has jumped off of the tracks on the curve right by NOCCA.

if you scroll down to the last item, there's a picture and a little mention of chazfest.

the picture's mine :)
(photo credit to come in next newsletter, as ze didnt know my last name)

so the pending transplant from new england provides the picture for bna newsletter...
and for whatever reason that little thing makes me feel a whole lot closer to bywater being home.

we now return you to your regularly scheduled program, already in progress.
anywhere to do yoga in the marigny/bywater/quarter?  the only places i know of are uptown.

saying hello :)

hi. in six (infinitely long) weeks i'll be living in bywater, on gallier st, and working in marigny. so i figured i'd just say hi :)

Movies across from Sound Cafe...

If you didn't know, Wednesday night is movie night next to the sculpture garden. They start showing around dusk-thirty. Bring a blow-up sofa & some popcorns.

If you DID know, anyone have a schedule of what's showing when, or is that just far too organized?

9th Ward rally tomorrow?

Does anyone know what time and where the 9th Ward rally with Jesse Jackson is tomorrow? I would really like to go--thanks for any help!


Hey, all, I'm about to put my rental on the market (YAY! It means we're almost done with this insane rebuilding project!), but we didn't put in a washer/dryer. Maybe down the road, but not yet.

Where's the nearest laundromat to Poland & St. Claude? I know there was one in the Bywater someplace, but I think it burned down last year...